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Be a Man: The Drag King Workshop
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A workshop for drag kings to become the best men they can be.
This is an online workshop for drag kings to learn to become the best men they can be. Whether you are just getting started exploring your masculinity or you've been doing this for years, this community will be a place to exchange tips, make some friends and support each other on the road to dude-itude.

A little background on Ursula Hitler, the founder of this group: I'm a drag queen with almost ten years experience. I know, you're wondering, "What the heck would a drag queen know about trying to pass as a boy?" Well, the fact of the matter is that I've been "passing as a boy" every day of my life! Believe me, I've learned the hard way what reads as "boy" and what doesn't. My girlfriend was a drag king for years, and even though she's now given it up (sigh) I picked up a lot of info along the way. I've devoted years of my life to studying gender and what makes a person read as more femme or butch, and I truly believe that I can turn even the prettiest little lady into an impressive specimen of manhood. Drag queens have plenty of makeover services they can go to that are run by real girls, so why can't drag kings have a makeover workshop run by a drag queen? Huh? Answer me that! (And in case anybody is wondering, no, I am not a nazi! My name is a Monty Python reference that kind of got out of hand.)

Your participation is vital to this community. Together, we can build an archive of knowledge and helpful discussion for kings everyhere.

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