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Any tips for a total beginner with saggy boobs and tiny hands? [Nov. 7th, 2013|07:07 pm]

I'm Brazilian and I'm gonna be taking a drag workshop in the end of November. I don't intend to perform regularly, just explore my masculine side in this workshop and come up with some fun number to entertain friends in parties.

The thing is that the person giving the workshop was highly recommended and she said she's studiying tips for drag kings and faux queens, but she's a drag queen, and this will be her (and MY) first experience with this, so I don't wanna go into this thing completely in the dark.

My main concern is that I have very large breasts, but I've been reading tips on this, so I'm not expecting you to go trough the trouble of explaining me stuff I can find on Google.

But I do hope you can give me some idea on how to work with these two problems: First, they're not exactly perky. So it's not just a matter of making them flat, there's also the problem of not letting them "fall", if you know what I mean. Also, my right breaSt is bigger than my left one, I don't know if this is gonna be a problem (I know, one is always bigger, but if I wear a bikini, for instance, anyone can tell the diference).

I'm not gonna buy a binder cause these are not that easy to find here and I'm not planning on performing on a regular basis, so I don't think it's worth it. I am thinking about buying a sports bra, though.

I'm going for a "gentleman" type (think Mr White from Reservoir Dogs, which happens to be my profile pic, or Leonard Cohen - I know, lipsycing I'm Your Man is a total cliché, but you gotta respect the classics) so I'm planning on wearing a hat. I think that will also help with hiding my long hair and making it look short.

Tips on how to divert attention from how tiny my hands are would also be apreciated. It might seem like a small thing (no pun intended) but people freaking comment on how small they are, and they'll already need all the suspension of disbelief they can get, me being a noob and all. I'm thinking since I'm going for the gentleman thing, I might go all out and wear gloves and have a cane.
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Tutorial: Faking short hair [Oct. 4th, 2013|05:07 pm]

I found a tutorial that seemed like it could be really useful for part-time kings and other folks. How to look like you have short hair, even if you have long hair.
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Facial hair tutorial - 5 O'Clock shadow... [Sep. 28th, 2012|01:30 am]

This is a base for 5 o'clock shadow, individual styling is up to you...

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Hey everyone! [Sep. 26th, 2012|02:09 pm]

This isn't a tutorial, but it dawned on me that I never did an introduction, maybe one or two tips in there, but an announcement that I'll be posting some costuming tutorials for performing drag kings/MI's.
If you're on youtube would love to see some new subscribers.
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Some more video tutorials... [Jul. 21st, 2012|07:25 pm]

The Do's and Don'ts of being a king/Male Illusionist.

Some quick make up tips to complete the male illusion.

This one is mostly safety tips about binding.

Keep the comments coming..any other drag related topics you want to see comment, or send me a message.
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Heya! New king in town! [Jul. 18th, 2012|01:56 pm]

How advanced are you as a drag king? Are you just starting out, or have you been doing this for years? Do you have any experience with theatrical makeup, or other skills that you think could be worth mentioning?
Although I love crossdressing, I'm a total newbie at it, having lived with my parents till now...So I have no practical experience whatsoever, apart from trying my brother's clothes on :( But I intend to change that as soon as possible...

Do you consider yourself transgendered, or is this just more of a fun hobby for you? Do you consider yourself a gay male, a lesbian with a difference, a hetero lady who likes to play dress up, or what the heck?
Difficult question...I really don't feel transgendered, nor a totally hetero lady with a hobby... I guess just a bisexual with a passion about crossdressing.

What sort of male do you aspire to be? Are they any stock "types" you find particularly attractive? Rock star, tough biker dude, preppy, businessman, etc.? Describe your ideal male self, either in fantasy or reality. What draws you to this type?
My ideal male self would be some sort of skater/b-boy, but not extremely tough... You know, baggy pants, wife beaters, loose t-shirts... That kind of male. At the moment I'm really into that style, even if as a girl I usually end up dressing smarter than I originally intend to. The most important feature that I'll struggle to have as a male is confidence: very masculine trait, very difficult for me to gain...

How would you describe your attitude towards men in general? Remember, we're talking generally, here. Do you adore guys so much you'd like to be one? Envy them so much you hate them? Wish they'd all go away, so you'd have all the pretty girls to yourself? All of these? None of them?
I'd choose none of the above mentioned... Choosing to be a drag king has nothing to do with my attitude towards men: I like them in general, as much as I like women...There are some insufferable specimen of both genders, obviously, but generally speaking I have no preferences between the two genders.

Will you be able to post photos? I won't ask you to post constant pics, but some photos really help when it comes to offering advice.
Sure, the only problem being that most probably I'll end up looking like crap, being one of the less photogenic people... but to get advice (and maybe eventually to hand it out) I'll post them!

What are your eventual goals as a king? Do you hope to perform onstage? Live full-time as a male?
Hm, not aspiring to live full-time as a male... My nearest goal is to be able to go out as a male without people noticing anything.
To be able to perform, even in the smallest of bars would be really a dream come true.
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Video Tutorials [Jul. 4th, 2012|02:51 pm]

I'm going to be posting some new videos soon, but I'd like to hear from you all on what you'd like advice on. The next video will be on applying makeup to contour and appear more masculine.
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Facial hair 101 [May. 15th, 2012|10:43 pm]

Some very basic tips for applying facial hair for kings/MI's just starting out. Also some suggestions for those who wish to perform in drag.

Some very basic tips for applying facial hair, and some suggestions to those who want to perform in drag.
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Binding [May. 15th, 2012|01:03 pm]

I have been thinking of binding, flip flopping on the subject because I'm not sure which method is the best and more importantly the safest. I have heard horror stories from people who binded too tightly, I lean more toward not getting the best look (flat like a cis guy) but the safest way to achieve a chest that looks like a cis heavy guy's chest - since I'm a chub with full C cup breasts I know getting flat is not going to happen but having a look more in line with a heavyset cis male would be *my* ideal. I'm not interested in binding every day, just when I feel the need or desire for it (if that little tidbit helps in any way) - Any advice would be greatly appreciated?
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Hey kings/MI's, bois, and crossdressers alike! [Apr. 23rd, 2012|04:04 pm]

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It's been forever and a day since I posted in here! I just started using my LJ again recently and was looking to see if anyone still used this group.

I've been performing now for 5 and a half years, and just want to say if you're new and you need any tips or advice on doing drag, performing, or anything related, I'm always happy to help. It's not easy for kings/MI's in the drag some areas. People tend to see drag as queens and only queens. Which just means we have to work a little harder to get the same notariety as our sisters. So, feel free to hit me up here, or on facebook I can be found Terri Chance Roberti.
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